Cite APA Style. Create a Hanging indent for Your Citation

Cite APA Style. Create a Hanging indent for Your Citation

It is easier done than said:

  1. Place your cursor at the start of your citation, and highlight it.
  2. Right click your mouse
  3. Select Paragraph from the pop that is resulting menu
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  5. Under Indentation, use the pull-down that is special to pick hanging
  6. Utilize the By menu to select 0.5″

For multiple Citations in a References, Works Cited or Bibliography Page

  1. When you have applied the indent that is hanging the technique above, hit enter after your citation.
  2. It should keep the same formatting if you are typing your citation. If you are pasting in your citation, right click when you paste and choose the paste as text option (appears like a A on clipboard) and Word will automatically apply all of the formatting you have already done, including hanging indent, spacing, font, etc. Alternatively you could wait until all your citations are on your bib, highlight all of them at once, then utilize the 5 steps as mentioned above.

Create a indent that is hanging your phone

You will possibly not see options that are teh your phone. The main element is always to rotate the screen to landscape mode in order to look at options that are availablesee images below to begin to see the difference). Here are the steps:

  1. Once you’ve keyed in the text you need for the block quote, tap enter/return prior to the word that is first of quote and following the last word regarding the quote.
  2. Highlight the writing you want to indent.
  3. Rotate your device so you’re viewing it in landscape mode.
  4. Pick the indent option and you’re good. 继续阅读“Cite APA Style. Create a Hanging indent for Your Citation”